Cast iron Marble

Based on inquiry and specifications, we carry out our design studies and the installation of all kinds of Cast iron marble, on request and according to specifications, whatever the measure is.

For the Cast iron marble, we can propose to you two classes of products:

Class II marble: integrating a regulation system by screw-Jack with a fine step of double adjustment .
(Pulling / pushing).

Classe III marble: Laid marble on feet-Jack of simple effect regulation. The heights of feet are realized upon request.

Dimensions: Up to 18 m in length and 4,5m in width.
Material: Alveolus manufactured cast iron.

All marble produced by TRIDAX are shaped according to the standard NF11101.

In terms of specific manufacturing, our marble can be constructed with T grooves (for the team of) to tie up parts or still with U grooves for the needs of guiding.

Our research department remains at your service and open for any specific realization.