Maintenance &Calibration


strengthened with a recognized experience of more than 30 years, the TRIDAX qualified technicians provide you with all their know-how in order to render and perform any maintenance service & calibration of your park of machines.

Take good note of the fact that as we are qualified machine and accessory manufacturers, we guarantee you the replacement of faulty parts by Original parts which are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Thus, We are capable of proposing you the following services:


Checking Operation, maintenance, resetting, and fixing of your machine according to the standards NF ISO IN 10360-2-3-4 / CNOMO E40.69.130N with the following acknowledgement NF X07-011.

At the same time, proceeding to the control of your marble following the standards NFE 11-101 and 10-102, of your columns of measure following the NF standards ISO IN 10360-2-3-4, etc....


Our deep knowledge of 3D metrology and the standards related to it, allows us to propose you standardization & calibration service meeting the standards ISO10-360 and ISO 16-360. Note that the standardization is an operation which consists in comparing the value given by a measuring device with a theoretical value, supplied by a standard. Standardization is realized on several points of the scale of measure: so we obtain a curve of standardization (or certificate of standardization).

The various levels of services proposed by our company answer the criteria of the quality charter published by the SYMOP (Syndicate of the Technology Producing companies).
Your Coordinate Measuring machines will, therefore, remain operational and precise for a long time.

Our maintenance services & calibration can be ordered in a scheduled way or still within the frame of an annual negotiated contract.