CMM Retrofit



It is about the re-equipment of your machine which has become less performing, indeed, obsolete because of its use, its maintenance, and its environment, and which does not answer any more your expectations, considering the technological evolution and your particular specificities.

The re-equipment of your CMM permits restoring a new life allowing it to remain at the top

We suggest to you 3 levels of retrofit:


R9: dismantling, check of the parts in movement, replacement of the used parts, re-assembly, installation and calibration.


CN: we realize then the change of the software and the digital control, which will allow your machine to accept the new developed systems.



Evolis: we implant on your manual machine a digital control with a change of the head of measure which can, for example, allow a machine to evolve from the “point to point” probing towards a “scanning "probing.