The Duplex

Our Duplex are characterized by two guiding benches in Cast iron or granite on either side of the surface of measure often materialized by a Marble (axis X).

Their conception confers them a high flexibility allowing a matchless adaptability to the measuring problems in terms of not only ease of usage and precision but also automation.

This model of machine is available in manual or digitally-operated functioning.


  • Hard Chromed-steel column, offering a surface of protection against corrosion.
  • Guiding of movements with rollers of high precision.
  • Mechanical correction of the column fall (patented system).
  • Light steel Horizontal Pole with bootstraps of correction allowing a perfect righteousness of the axis.
  • Guiding Equipment and transmission Equipment of the vertical and transverse axis.
  • Benches in grey or granite cast iron, according to the use, (linear Guide or on air cushion).



          Axis X: 1500 in 18000 mm
          Axis Y: 800 in 4000 mm
          Axis Z: 1000 in 3500 mm


Electric Supply: 110 or 220 V - 50 / 60 Hz
Electric consumption: Manual: 600W - CN: 4000W
Consumption of air (sight) X (system with linear guide): 0
Consumption of air (sight) X (air cushion System): Manual: 24L / min in 6 bars - CN: 26L / min in 6 bars
Bearable environment: from 10 to 40 ° C Humidity 40 % in 80 %
Temperature of functioning: 20 ° C + / - 2 ° C
Standard or high precision: (according to the volume of measure)
In high precision, the Uncertainty of measure in the volume is < 150 µ without software of correction.