The company

• 1896: creation of the MFO company . This company’s target was the manufacturing of equipments of control and measure, and more particularly the manufacturing of cast iron marble. At an early stage, MFO set up an engineering consulting firm to answer the demands of the customers in specific projects and tailored realizations.

• 1980: Concerned about adapting itself to its market, MFO restructured itself into the manufacturing of MMT (Coordinate Measuring Machines.)

• 1995: MFO took over one of its competitors, the CTA company (a Manufacturer of TRIDAX CMM Machines). The New entity, known as CTA and MFO, developed new CMM Machines under the brand name CMA. (CTA and MFO Associated)

• March 2010: The CTA and MFO Company stopped its activities.

• May 2010: Creation of the TRIDAX Company with the target of renovating the activity of CTA and MFO, the latest manufacturer of CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) with a horizontal handle in France.


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To bring this industrial project to a successful conclusion , the TRIDAX company, proceeded to the repurchase of the production tool ,the perfection and the completeness of the manufacturing plans, in order to offer the customers of the company CTA&MFO the quality of a service which relies on a recognized know-how and original plans.

Today the TRIDAX Company intends to take up the challenge of the maintenance of the park settled worldwide, that is more than 5000 CMM Horizontal Pole.

Considering this investment and the proposed skills, the TRIDAX Company intervened at a big car manufacturer abroad as early as May 2010, to proceed to the assembly and to the starting of a Duplex.

Furthermore, beyond the reconstruction of the industrial tool, in its capacity as the only French manufacturer of Tri-dimensional Measuring machines, the TRIDAX Company sets up one department R&D,in order to be able to answer the technological evolutions of the sector.

Thus, The TRIDAX Company is the natural partner of all the users of the equipment conceived and marketed by CAT &MFO.