The Monoarm Machines

Their compact conception confers them a high flexibility allowing a matchless adaptability to the measuring problems both in terms of ease of usage and precision.

This model of machine is available in manual or digitally operated functioning.


Hard Chromed-steel column, offering a surface of protection against the corrosion.
Guiding movements with rollers of high precision.
Mechanical correction of the fall of column (patented system).
Light steel Horizontal pole with bootstraps of correction allowing a perfect righteousness of the axis.
Guiding Equipment and transmission Equipment of the vertical and transverse axis.
Benches in grey or granite cast iron, according to the use, (In Linear guide or on air cushion)

-Electric Supply: 110 or 220 V - 50 / 60 Hz
-Electric consumption: Manuel: 300W - CN: 2000W
-Consumption of air X (System with linear guide): 0
-Consumption of air X (air cushion System): Manuel: 12L / min in 6 bars - CN: 13L / min in 6 bars
-Bearable environment: from 10 to 40 ° C Humidity 40 % in 80 %
-Temperature of functioning: 20 ° C + / - 2 ° C
-Standard or high precision: (according to the volume of measure)
In high precision, the Uncertainty of measure in the volume is < 150 µ without software of compensation.